Day 1: The main character is established. The hungry caterpillar eats through a single red apple

Day 2: The caterpillar eats through 2 green pears.

Day 3: The caterpillar eats through 3 purple plums.

Day 4: The caterpillar eats through 4 red strawberries.

Day 5: The caterpillar eats through 5 whole oranges.

Day 6: On this day, the caterpillar devours his way through many, many different foods: chocolate cake, ice-cream, a pickle, swiss cheese, salami, a lollipop, a cherry pie, a single sausage, a cupcake , a whole slice of watermelon. The caterpillar then receives abdominal pain as a result of eating all this food.

Day 7: The caterpillar eats through a single leaf, which makes the caterpillar feel better.

Final chapter: The caterpillar forms a chrysalis and becomes a butterfly

Quotes and more

"I'm serving time all for a crime I did commit.
You want the truth? You know I'd do it all again
Left for dead, heaven is only in my head

I heard a voice calling from down inside the well
"See that silver shine?" she said to come claim what was mine
So down I fell down into the water black
Only the moon was shining back

If I seem lost, well I weighted the cost and chose my crime
Now it's mine all mine.

I heard the voice calling from just outside the well
She said, "You fool, now that you know your end is near
You always fall for what you desire or what you fear!"

VanishingDisappear, disappear
Higher, higher into the air
Slowly disappear... no, no longer here

Disappear, disappear
Thinner, thinner
Into the air

Never really here
Wasn't ever

Like a thought brushing up against a sign
Floating away, floating away

Vanishing like a cyan sunday
Disappear, disappear
Vanish, vanish into the air
Slowly disappear... never really here